No-Touch Disinfection Service – allows to effectively decontaminate surfaces. Our misting machine will disperse the Sanosil Solution as an ultrafine mist to every targeted area, even the most difficult to reach ones. Since we are using No-Touch Disinfection system, it requires no rinse or wipe down, it means that there’s No Cross Contamination. The ultrafine mist evaporates leaving no moisture or humidity in the disinfected targets.


We Offer No-Touch Disinfection Service

For Home, Offices, BPO/Call Center, Warehouses, Conference Hall, Commercial Spaces, Personal and Commercial Vehicles and more.


  • Swiss Made Solution
  • Highly effective antiviral
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • 99.95 Biodegradable
  • Hospital grade
  • Top Choice Disinfectant in some hospitals


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